Item 99258 - Thomas H. Marshall Post #42, Belfast, ca. 1895

Item 99258 - Thomas H. Marshall Post #42, Belfast, ca. 1895
Contributed by Belfast Historical Society
Item 99258
Thomas H. Marshall Post #42, Belfast, ca. 1895
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Thirty-one members of the Civil War veterans organization, the Thomas H. Marshall Post #42, G. A. R. gathered together in Belfast ca. 1895. The Post was organized in 1881 and met for re-unions and special events until 1934, when the Post was disbanded.

A newspaper article dated June 4, 1942 described this photograph as being on view in a store window on Main Street. It was part of a patriotic-themed display to show support for Belfast men serving in World War II. All 31 men were identified in the article.

Of particular interest is Andrew Johnson, seated, far right. Johnson was a former slave who, after escaping, enlisted with the U. S. Navy and served for 30 months. He came to Belfast in 1868, married, and raised a family. He died in 1899.

Front, from left, are Henry Staples, Alexander D. Smalley, Martin C. Dilworth, Robert Whitehead, Nahum S. Parker, and Fitz W. Patterson.

Seated in chairs, from left, are Nathaniel Sholes, William Cobbett, Edward Woodbury, Isaac A. Conant, John T. Gilmore, Harry Clifford, Adelbert Knight, Samuel J. Gurney, George A. Wise, Wilder S. Grant, and Andrew Johnson.

Standing near the flag are Ezekiel R. Thomas, John W. Nash, and Samuel Morse.

In the back row, from left, are Andrew E. Clark, Alden D. Chase, Samuel F. Stevens, Adolphus W. Doe, James F. Churchill, David Edward Bird, James Pattee, Capt. George R. Carter, James G. Harding, Dexter T. Guptill, and William S. Aldus.

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