Pricing and the Images Services Department of Maine Historical Society (MHS) offer photographic and digital reproductions of historical items from the collections of MHS and other collecting organizations around Maine. Images are available for commercial, editorial, and non-profit use. Information about pricing, shipping, discounts, oversized orders, licensing and use fees are listed on this page. If you do not see what you are looking for, or have questions, please contact us.

We accept all major credit cards on If you place an order with the Image Services Coordinator, you have the option to pay by check. Maine sales tax is applied to all Maine orders; out-of-state and non-profit orders are exempt from sales tax.

Prices for Digital Files

(Personal use only. See below for commercial and non-profit pricing.)

  • $25 for High-Resolution Digital File
  • $50 for Custom-sized Digital File*
  • $5 for a CD (Optional. Add shipping)

High-Resolution digital image files (in JPG format; appx. 40 MB) are available for purchase. Through this website you may purchase a digital file to be downloaded immediately or a CD to be shipped; through the Image Service Department at MHS you may place an order (for FTP site download or CD) if you wish to pay by check or credit card over the phone.

You will be required to agree to our use policy before purchasing an image.

*Custom sized digital files are available upon request, and orders must be placed with the Image Services Coordinator. Custom sized digital files are not offered through this website.

Prices for Archival Print Reproductions

  • $15 for 5" x 7"
  • $30 for 8.5" x 11"
  • $40 for 11" x 14"
  • $50 for 13" x 19"*
  • $60 for 17" x 22"*

*When requesting a 13" x 19" or 17" x 22" print, please check with the Image Services Coordinator to make sure the image you want is available at that size. These sizes are not currently offered through our website. Additional shipping fees may be applied for large orders.

You will be required to agree to our use policy before purchasing an image.

Other Print Options

$5 for 8.5" x 11" Non-archival Plain Paper Study Print*

*Please note that study prints are made on plain white 8.5 x 11 inch copy paper using a color laser jet printer. These reproductions are created for reference, or study, and are not archival or suitable for framing.

Services and Shipping

  • $25 for Rush Services*
  • $15/item for Scanning Services**
  • $25/item for Specialized Scanning Services
  • $40/hr for Photography Services***

*Rush Service may not be available for all orders. Rush service is not provided for orders placed through this website. Please contact the Image Services Coordinator to inquire about a rush job. Usual turn around time is 1-2 weeks.

**Add an additional $15 per item if the image you request is not currently in digital format, if you need a larger digital file than the existing file, or if the print size you request is larger than what the file can currently print at.

*** An item may need to be photographed if we cannot scan it, because it is oversized, fragile, or three-dimensional. The Image Services Department offers in-house and vendor photography services for your reproduction needs. 
In-house digital photography services are billed at $35 per hour (Time includes set-up, object retrieval, object preparation, photography, and digital editing). Vendor Photography: Pricing is dependent on object, size request, and vendor. Contact us to discuss options.


Estimates are available upon request from the Image Services Coordinator.


  • $6 for shipping
  • $2 for handling if picked up in person

Print orders are mailed in sturdy, flat envelopes via the United States Postal Service. Orders are shipped within 1-2 weeks of purchase.

Orders may be picked up at our museum store at 489 Congress Street, Portland. There is a $2 handling charge (excluding study print orders).

Oversized Reproduction Orders

Oversized items, such as architectural drawing, engineering plans, large maps, and other original material may be reproduced. All oversized order and processed at a reprographic vendor of our choosing. Estimates will be provided before the time of service. All orders must be prepaid.

  • $20 - One-time Processing Fee
  • $25 - labor charge for scanning

Items measuring up to 6 square feet in size:

  • $10.50 each - Black and White Print Copies
  • $10.50 each - High-Resolution Color Scans
  • $15.75 each - Print and Scan of item

Items measuring greater than 6 square feet in size:

  • $19.50 - Black and White Print Copies
  • $19.50 - High-Resolution Color Scans
  • $29.50 - Print and Scan of item

Contact the Image Services Coordinator to place an oversized order or inquiry.

Licensing Images for Commercial and Non-Profit Use

Maine Historical Society licenses images for commercial and non-profit use. A Use Fee refers to the cost to license the image and is added to the cost of digital file. Use Fees are based upon distribution, not by publication type. You will be required to read and agree to our licensing and permission policy before licensing an image. Orders may also be submitted to the Image Service Coordinator.

  • $50 for non-profit use ($25 for digital image + $25 use fee)
  • $50 for Maine distribution ($25 for digital image + $25 use fee)
  • $125 for regional distribution ($25 for digital image + $100 use fee)
  • $175 for national distribution ($25 for digital image + $150 use fee)
  • $275 for international distribution ($25 for digital image + $250 use fee)

View permission to publish form.

For examples of licensing use, or to view past clients, visit our Our Clients page.

Return Policy

All sales are final. Neither prints nor electronic files may be returned for refund or credit.

Please keep in mind that the images on this website are digital scans or photographs of aged documents or photographs and therefore may contain blemishes, scratches, tears, and other imperfections. Images are not edited to repair any imperfections. Our goal at Maine Historical Society is to make copies that look as true to the original as possible. Image files range in quality; use the zoom tool to see if the image you intend to buy has blemishes, is blurry, is too small, or is otherwise undesirable to you. MHS does not edit original images for this website. You may not return an image based on aesthetics of the print or digital file.

Please note that the size of the print you receive may not be the exact size of the print you ordered, but a scaled reproduction from the dimensions of the original. The sizes you order online refer to paper size, and not the size of original material.

Images and use fees purchased for publication, and not used in said publication may not be returned; accounts will not be credited with a refund. These images may not be used in any subsequent publication or project without written permission from the Image Services Coordinator.

Defective merchandise is returnable and must be accompanied by a return authorization number. Please save all packaging in which your merchandise arrived in case a claim needs to be filed. If you receive defective merchandise please call (207) 774-1822 x217 or e-mail us within seven (7) days of shipment to receive a return authorization number and instructions for returning merchandise.


  • 10% Discount for Maine Historical Society Members
  • 20% Discount for Maine Memory Network contributors with 5+ items online (organizational or individual)
  • 25% Discount for Maine Historical Society members that are members of the 1822 Leadership Circle

Discounts are not cumulative. To use your MHS member discount on this website, you must have your MHS member ID number. If you recently joined as a member and do not have your ID number yet, but wish to use your discount, please contact the Membership Coordinator and request your number. Call 207-774-1822 ext. 216.

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Pricing for Image Research

FREE - Fifteen minutes of research time is included in all image service requests. Additional staff research time may be required to locate an item. You will be notified before any additional time is spent on your request. You may choose to accept the fees and proceed with your order, cancel, or postpone the request.

$40/ hour – Our research rate is $40 per hour, charged in one–hour increments. We will notify you if research time is required and provide an estimate.

Educational Use

If you are a student or educator and wish to use images for a project, we suggest you visit Maine Memory Network to access our wider repository of historical images. Your username and password for VMI will work on the Maine Memory Network. Educational use is free, but you are required to use the low-resolution watermarked images from our website. Learn more about Maine Memory Network and educational use.