Item 9855 - McCormack Threshing Machine, 1926

Item 9855 - McCormack Threshing Machine, 1926
Contributed by Ste. Agathe Historical Society
Item 9855
McCormack Threshing Machine, 1926
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This threshing machine is presently (2004) owned by the Ste. Agathe Historical Society. This acquisition was made possible in June of 2000 by the following St. Agatha potato growers: Ronald B. Guerrette, Lucien Ayotte, Rodney Chamberland Farms, Maurice Ayotte, Roland P. Guerrette, Berce Potato and LaBrie Farms. Originally this machine was used to separate the oats from the stalk. Farmers would bundle the oats into "stooks" and feed them into the threshing machine. The stalk would fly out through a stove pipe looking part of the machine and the oats would be deposited in barrels. Not every farmer owned this machine. It was more economical for farmers to bring their oats to the local farmer that owned such a machine.

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