Item 9467 - The Kingfield House, ca. 1895

Item 9467 - The Kingfield House, ca. 1895
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Item 9467
The Kingfield House, ca. 1895
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The Kingfield House, also known as the Hotel Winter, was built by John Winter II in 1886 on the site of the Franklin House, which had burned in 1880.

The Kingfield House was an imposing structure on Main Street, here viewed from the south. Guest rooms occupied the upper part of the hotel. The lower concourse housed small shops . A sign for the "W.B. Small Meat Market" is visible on the street side.

The lower level housed the stables for travelers staying at the hotel. When the Stanley Brothers of Kingfield brought their first steam motor carriages to town in 1899/1900, the vehicles were kept in the hotel's stable.

The Herbert replaced the Kingfield House in 1918.

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