Item 9047 - Group in Front of Hotel Coburn, about 1895

Item 9047 - Group in Front of Hotel Coburn, about 1895
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Item 9047
Group in Front of Hotel Coburn, about 1895
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Members of the Imperial Club, composed of traveling men with a few local merchants.

At left, in the front is Joseph Lalley, of Somerville, Mass., salesman for Blanchard & Farrar, a wholesale liquor house, Dock Square, Boston. His brother, Tom Lawley ( there was a variance in the spelling), stands in the rear, just at the right of the Hotel Coburn entrance.

Next to Joe Lalley, in the front row, is Whitman Sawyer ("Whit"), a fancy goods salesman, of Boston. At Sawyer's right is "Pop" Lothrop, a drug salesman. The next man to the left is unidentified. Next is Robert W. Haynes, proprietor of Hotel Coburn, then Fred C. Dow, son of Chandler Dow, a clothing store proprietor in Skowhegan.

The man at the end of the row is unidentified. Looking past the left of Robert Haynes' hat, and just a bit higher up, is Herbert Wentworth.

Back of Joe Lalley (next to the post) is an unidentifed man. Next to him, directly back of "Whit" Sawyer, only partially in view, is Sewall Dinsmore. Showing between Sawyer and "Pop" Lothrop is another unidentified man. Over the top of of "Pop" Lothrop's hat is another unidentified member.

Harry Blanchard sold merchant tailors' trimmings for Cumner, Jones & Company, of Boston, A little to the rear, over Robert Haynes' left shoulder, is Lawrence Cockburn.

The fourth person, counting backward from Joe Lalley is Wellington Sprague, a Maine Central Railroad conductor. He is wearing a soft hat and has a prominent mustache. Back of him is John R. Philbrick and at his left is Holman Day, a writer.

A little lower down and somewhat between Philbrick and Day just referred to is Dr. Fred O. Sawyer, a dentist in Skowhegan.

Back in the doorway with a white shirt front is "Professor" Baker, a blackface vaudeville artist. In front of Baker, is George Lynch, and at his right is Walter F. Robbins, a jeweler for many years.

The man with the prize mustache, lower down in front of Tom Lawley, is Horatio Martin, a woolen salesman for Clement & Soule, of Boston. Near Tom Lawley, and close by the veranda railing is Edward B. Carter, a partner with Chandler Dow in the clothing business. At right, leaning on the veranda railing is "Alf" Littlefield, a hat salesman for a Boston concern.

Others are unidentified.

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