Item 80756 - Yacht "Ioneta," Moosehead Lake, ca. 1925

Item 80756 - Yacht "Ioneta," Moosehead Lake, ca. 1925
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Item 80756
Yacht "Ioneta," Moosehead Lake, ca. 1925
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This postcard shows the Moosehead Lake Yacht Club fleet in front of the Mt. Kineo House on Moosehead Lake.

The Ioneta Yacht, docked in the foreground, was one of the flagships for the Moosehead Lake Yacht Club, which had its clubhouse at Kineo.

She was owned by Commodore Arthur B. Warring and captained by Ernest Ham.

The Ioneta was at the Kineo Station wharf when the Commodore arrived on the train for the summer; her engines were tuned and her brass polished. The crew waiting as Waring listened to the purring of the engine.

When he nodded approvingly, another yachting season would begin.

In 1909, there were 57 registered members of the yacht club.

Other yachts are docked at the breakwater.

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