Item 78 - Battling a Northeaster, 1947

Item 78 - Battling a Northeaster, 1947
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Item 78
Battling a Northeaster, 1947
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The U.S. Coast Guard saves the crew from the beached ship, Oakey L. Alexander.
An observer writes:

"I WAS THERE, as a "witness to history." Back in 1947 a storm of 80 MPH was simply not severe enough to cancel school that day or any day for that matter. I was a student at Pond Cove Elementrary School. Bertha Storey, Principal, deemed it important enough to do a "field trip" to see the wreck out to Two Lights 3 miles south of the school.

"Our School Bus driver was old Mr. Phinney, he also ran the poor farm. We arrived at about 9:00 AM and a breeches buoy had already been shot from the rocks to the upper bridge deck of the crippled hulk; evacuation had begun. It was strange to see each crew member as he swung back and forth like a bag of clothes on a line. The trip from the deck to the rocks must have seemed interminable. Volunteers from the Cape Elizabeth Fire Department and Coast Guard grabbed each grateful soul as his feet hit solid rock, wrapped him in blankets and hurried him to warmth."

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