Item 66635 - Waterfront, Naples, ca. 1935

Item 66635 - Waterfront, Naples, ca. 1935
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Item 66635
Waterfront, Naples, ca. 1935
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The Naples Causeway became a huge tourist attraction in the early 20th century, largely due to Charles Goodridge’s Songo River Steamboat Company and the Naples Bay Inn.

The commercial buildings pictured here along waterfront in Naples include the central office of the Poland Spring Telephone Company, Gus Bove’s Bay of Naples Spa extension (built around 1930), a gift shop, Chester and Elwin Burnham’s Esso station, and the Casino (built in 1901) with a bowling alley and filling station.

The caption reads, "Aerial View Waterfront, Naples, Maine."

The Tichnor Brothers printing company published this type of postcard circa 1930-1945.

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