Item 59552 - G.A.R. picnic, Strong, ca. 1895

Item 59552 - G.A.R. picnic, Strong, ca. 1895
Contributed by Strong Historical Society
Item 59552
G.A.R. picnic, Strong, ca. 1895
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Members of Post 134 of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Maine, held annual field days and occasional picnics for members' families. Here, at the home of Civil War veteran Isaiah Welch, the group attending poses for a photograph.

Front row: Mattie Bell, Blanche Presson, Annie Fentimen, Unknown Vaughan, Georgie Gilman, Jamie Welch, Charles Vaughan, Henry Cook

Middle row: * Ed Fentimen, * Jim Bell, Mrs. Samuel Gilman, * Isaiah Welch, Mrs. Ed Fentimen, Mrs. Sylvester Vaughan, Mrs. George Jacobs, Mary Edith Stevens, Mrs. Jim Bell, Mrs. LaForest Boston, Mrs. Isaiah Welch, Stella Bangs, Blanche Boston, Angie Jacobs, Mrs. Thaxter Cook, * Thaxter Cook

Back row: * Col. James S Nash, * George T Jacobs, * Sylvester Vaughan, * Samuel Gilman, * Alden Gilman, Mrs. Alden Gilman, Mrs. Bangs, Hartson Welch, Martin Stevens, * LaForest Boston

* denotes veteran

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