Item 4127 - 17th Maine Infantry volunteers, 1864

Item 4127 - 17th Maine Infantry volunteers, 1864
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Item 4127
17th Maine Infantry volunteers, 1864
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The 17th Maine Infantry is pictured on May 3, 1864, with some of the men identified. The photo was taken in Northern Virginia on the day the regiment broke camp to begin its summer campaign.

At left is the regimental band.

The named soldiers, with lines drawn from their names to them are, from left, Sgt. Charles R. Todd, holding the flag; Surgeon Nahum A. Hersom of Sanford, Lt. George A. Whidden of Westbrook, Co. I; Lt. Wellington Hobbs of Norway, Co. H; Capt. Joseph A. Perry of Portland, Co. F; Sgt. J.M. Hall, Co. F; Lt. Henry L. Bartels of Portland, Co. F; Capt. Sumner S. Richards of Saco, Co. K.; Lt. Benjamin Doe of South Berwick, Co. K; Lt. Franklin C. Adams of Saco, Co. K; Lt. Granville F. Sparrow of Portland, Co. B; Lt. James S. Roberts of Portland, Co. A; Lt. Robert H. Mathes of Durham, N.H., Co. A; Lt. William H. Sturgis of Standish, Co. C; Lt. Frederick A. Sawyer of Portland, Co. E; Lt. Charles C. Cole of Hiram, Co. E; Capt. William H. Green of Portland, Co. G; Lt. Gustavus C. Pratt of Oxford, Co. D; and Lt. Stephen Graffam of Portland, Co. D.

In the front is Col. George Warren West of Portland. Also named, but without lines indicating their positions are Chaplain J.F. Lovering of Portland, Capt. John C. Perry of Portland, Co D, acting field officer; Capt. George W. Verrill of Norway, Co. E, acting adjutant; and Asst. Surgeon Nathaniel B. Coleman of Portland.

Col. West, whose home in Portland is now the Children's Museum, suffered a number of serious injuries during the Wilderness battle.

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