Item 33352 - Low tide, Lubec, ca. 1915, ca. 1915

Item 33352 - Low tide, Lubec, ca. 1915, ca. 1915
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 33352
Low tide, Lubec, ca. 1915, ca. 1915
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Lubec, within the Bay of Fundy, routinely experiences a tidal range of 21 feet or more twice daily. The height of the pilings, the exposed rock breakwater visible on the right side of the photograph, and the beached open boats on the nearby shore of Campobello Island clearly indicate low tide here in Lubec Narrows. Note the highest point, the steeple of Christian, now Congregational Church. Below it and closer is the imposing hotel, known by various names of Merchant’s, Cobscook, and American, identified by the double-dormer double chimneyed hip roof above the six windows of the second story. The road straight up the hill is Main Street, a lone automobile in the center of the road near the Masonic Lodge to its right. At the top of the hill, faintly visible, is the steeple of the Christian Temple Church. Left, behind the three ship's masts, is the new school which replaced the one which burned in November, 1913. The Lubec Town Hall occupies this site as of 2010.

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