Item 27928 - Bath Town Hall, ca. 1908

Item 27928 - Bath Town Hall, ca. 1908
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Item 27928
Bath Town Hall, ca. 1908
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Mrs. M. F. Fielding on Washington Street in Bath received this postcard on September 3, 1909. The sender in Bath, "Susie," wrote that "Charles will be after Eula about 5 P.M. today. In Haste." The message reminds us of a past time when a quick phone call or email was available for informal communication.

The image is of the building that served Bath both as a town and city hall for nearly 100 years. Bath was incorporated as a town in 1781, the first town to be incorporated under the new constitution of the State of Massachusetts.

In 1847 the town formally became a city and recognized that the varied uses of the town hall needed to be re-organized too. The stores that occupied the front corners of the building were removed to provide new offices for the City Council and the principal officers of the city. The interior stairway was moved for the office of the City Clerk and a vault for his records, as well as an office for the City Treasurer.

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