Item 27168 - Old North Church, Thomaston, ca. 1871

Item 27168 - Old North Church, Thomaston, ca. 1871
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Item 27168
Old North Church, Thomaston, ca. 1871
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Cyrus Eaton, former town historian, informs us that in 1795, General Henry Knox pledged 40 pounds and the glass for a (meeting) house, if it was built in the course of the year 1795. On May 2, 1796, Captain David Fales, 2nd, conveyed to David Fales, Esq., and other proprietors, a 116’ x 109’ piece of land for construction of the Town or Congregational Meeting house (Old North Church), the first house of worship in the town.

The building was about fifty feet square with two projecting wings or porches in front, between which was an open court leading to the main entrance into the building, covered over by an arch or platform, extending from wing to wing. A belfry surmounted the roof in a tall and elegant steeple. General Knox furnished it with a heavy and fine-toned Revere bell.

During the construction of the building, crowds gathered from surrounding areas to watch the proceedings. The grounds were lined with carts and stands for the sale of liquor, cakes and other refreshments.

While attempting to raise the steeple, it nearly fell upon the roof, and in the ensuing scramble, Jordan Lovett broke an arm in a fall to the ground. The following morning, “Dr. David Fales rigged a pole and purchase so skillfully that a few men soon raised and brought the steeple to its proper position.”

The Congregationalists later sold their interest in the meeting house to the Baptists, and the name was changed to the North Baptist Church and had many name changes over the years, a lasting one being the Old North Church. The building was removed in 1964.

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