Item 26667 - Main Street, Thomaston, 1890

Item 26667 - Main Street, Thomaston, 1890
Contributed by Thomaston Historical Society
Item 26667
Main Street, Thomaston, 1890
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This picture shows the line of business blocks on the north side of Main Street in the business section. The Singer Block is recognizable just to the right of the center with its elaborate white cornice. A barber pole stands just to the left of the Singer Block and in front of the Keith Block. The last building on the left, beyond the Singer Block is no longer standing and is on the site of the present day post office on Main Street.

The first building on the right is the old Telegraph Block, which burned in the fire of 1915. Scaffolding can be seen just beyond, in front of the Watts Block, which was being built in 1890.

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