Item 26647 - Henry Knox monument, Thomaston, ca. 1871

Item 26647 - Henry Knox monument, Thomaston, ca. 1871
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Item 26647
Henry Knox monument, Thomaston, ca. 1871
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General Knox died on Oct 25, 1806 and was laid to rest in a tomb on the grounds of Montpelier, near his favorite oak tree.

Due to damage by frost and water, the tomb and remains were twice moved in 1813 and 1816 to a location on the estate just east of Montpelier, near a grove of his beloved trees.

The General’s remains were removed once again by his grandson, Lieut. Henry K. Thatcher, to a suitable location in the Village Cemetery, selected by Rev. Woodhull.

The part of the monument bearing inscriptions, is square, surmounted by a pyramidal top about nine feet in height. The inscription in honor of the General is on the southern side while the names of Mrs. Lucy Knox, his widow, who died in 1824, and their daughter, Caroline Holmes, the wife of Hon. John Holmes, who died in 1851, are inscribed on the western side.

Names of Henry Knox, the son, Mr. Swan (the first husband of Mrs. Holmes), and Mrs. Lucy K. F. Thatcher, the eldest and last surviving child of General Knox, appear on the eastern side. The names of the nine children, who died in infancy or early childhood, are on the northern side.

The building to the center left of the monument is the Town Poor Farm on Erin Street.

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