Item 26583 - Hunters, Lubec, 1932

Item 26583 - Hunters, Lubec, 1932
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 26583
Hunters, Lubec, 1932
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Back row, left to right, Earl Marston, Owen Taylor, Ashton Sawtelle, John Pressley, front row, Grover Dinsmore, Chester (Pat) Maker, Newell Maker, Raymond Andrews. Photo taken at Irving Case’s Garage (called the Town Garage) in Lubec. The building is became the R.J. Peacock Canning Company, still in use as of 2012. Stairs go up to apartment pver Frank Stuart’s Bowling Alley and Pool Room. The car is a new Essex owned by Grover Dinsmore.
In January, 2012, Shane R. Sawtelle commented on this photograph. “My Great Uncle Ashton used to tell me hunting stories when I was much younger. He’d come visit us in Dennysville from Skowhegan and we’d stay in a little camp my Father and I built. Rumor is that Ashton shot almost all those deer himself. Of course, he was known to tell ‘tales!’”

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