Item 22928 - Springvale House, Early 1900s

Item 22928 - Springvale House, Early 1900s
Contributed by Sanford-Springvale Historical Society
Item 22928
Springvale House, Early 1900s
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This is side view of the Springvale House, showing Makin's Store in the distance. Springvale House was first opened in the front portion of the building by Samuel Nasson in 1845. Originally a two and a half story building with a gable roof, it was changed to a three story building before 1888. The large el to the rear was probably added about the same time.

The Springvale House continued in operation as a hotel until 1925 and was used thereafter for offices, stores, and apartments until it was demolished in the 1970s during urban renewal. The Makin store was built in the 1830s by the Print Works and served as the company's store during its early years. The building's last occupant was Wilson's Art Supplies.

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