Item 22053 - Goodall Mansion, Sanford, ca. 1895

Item 22053 - Goodall Mansion, Sanford, ca. 1895
Contributed by Sanford-Springvale Historical Society
Item 22053
Goodall Mansion, Sanford, ca. 1895
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Seen in this photo is the mansion as it was built by Thomas Goodall in 1871. Its original style was French Second Empire and there was a barn with two cupolas that matched the mansion in its architectural detail. Ernest Goodall inherited his father's home in 1910. It was remodeled beginning in 1909 in the Colonial Revival style popular in the early years of that century. The most dramatic change was the facade facing Main Street to which an elaborate balustraded front porch and porte-cochere were added. The triple windows on the second floor front were replaced by single windows and the tall chimneys removed. The barn was replaced a few years later by a one-story garage. The mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

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