Item 22052 - Goodall Mansion, Sanford, ca. 1915

Item 22052 - Goodall Mansion, Sanford, ca. 1915
Contributed by Sanford-Springvale Historical Society
Item 22052
Goodall Mansion, Sanford, ca. 1915
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This imposing home was built by Thomas Goodall in 1871 in the French Second Empire style with an Italianate portico and Italian style trim. He filled it with ingenious devices including an indoor croquet court in the basement. The house was lighted by gas manufactured on the premises. There was an extensive greenhouse where fruit, vegetables and flowers grew throughout the year. Ernest Goodall, youngest son of Thomas Goodall, inherited the mansion upon his father's death in 1910. It was renovated beginning in 1909 into the colonial revival style popular in the early years of that century. The exterior appearance of the mansion has changed little since then. Still surrounded by spacious lawns, it is considered one of the finest surviving examples of a mill owner's residence in the State of Maine. The last Goodall resident was Ruth Goodall Pitstick, the great granddaughter of Thomas Goodall.

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