Item 17396 - Camera Lucida sketch, ca. 1841

Item 17396 - Camera Lucida sketch, ca. 1841
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Item 17396
Camera Lucida sketch, ca. 1841
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"Camera Lucida Sketch -- from Metjarmette Mountain -- the ranges on right are the Highlands between Metjarmette Depot and Lake Etchenin."

The Talcott survey, headed by Capt. Andrew Talcott, was sent out to map the northern boundary of Maine after hostilities broke out in 1839 between settlers in the Madawaska region around the St. John River.

"Artists accompanied the survey and used an apparatus called a camera lucida. Suspended over a sheet of drawing paper, the camera lucida, by means of a prism, projected an exact outline of a particular view onto the paper, which could then be traced. Later, the line drawings were embellished with watercolor."- from Barry, William and Geraldine Tidd Scott. "Charting a wilderness. Rare drawings of the trackless North Woods resurface after 150 years." Downeast Magazine, June 1995. p. 59-60.

The original painting is held at the National Archives, Washington, D.C.

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