Item 12920 - Caribou Amateur Opera Company, 1898

Item 12920 - Caribou Amateur Opera Company, 1898
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Item 12920
Caribou Amateur Opera Company, 1898
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Caribou Amateur Opera Company's production of "H.M.S. Pinafore," 1898 in Clark's Hall.

The Aroostook Republican, Caribou, February 17, 1898 reported that despite some doubts about local ability, "Pinafore charmingly presented by local talent. Large audiences for three consecutive nights in Clark’s Hall."

Emma T. Mitchell directed the production.

Pictured are 1. Nell Smith, 3. Mrs. Stanford Mitchell, 4. A.W. Spaulding as "Rt. Hon. Joseph Porter," 5. Mrs. Barker as "Hebe," 6. Grace Stratton as "Josephine, the Captain’s daughter," 7. Charles Ross as "Ralph Rackstraw," 9. Eleanor Beardsley, 10. Faustina Oak, 11. Lou Hays, 12. Zelma Oak, 13. Lucy Hardison, 18. Joe Uppling, 19. Bob Brown, 20. Fred Laffaty, 21. Nat Gould, 22. Zella Goud, 25. George Howe, 26. Ned Files, 27. Albion Lewis and 28. Ted Oak.

The others are unidentified.

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