Item 11725 - Map of Brunswick, 1772

Item 11725 - Map of Brunswick, 1772
Contributed by Maine Historical Society
Item 11725
Map of Brunswick, 1772
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Manuscript map #22 of Brunswick. Written on the map is, "The above plan describes several large lots and two gores of land belonging to eight Pejepscot Propriators."

Names mentioned include Daniel Marquand, Samuel Buffon, B. Wentworth, Isaac Royall, Fayrweather, Belcher Noyes, Moulton & Freeman, Eben Smith, Daniel Marquard, Stephen Chase, E. Danforth, Whittens and Merrills. The Pejepscot Purchase Company commissioned the map.

Bordered on the north by the Androscoggin River and Topsham, on the south by the present-day border between Brunswick and Freeport, and the west by Royalsborough (present-day Durham).

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