Item 116367 - Bark Alice, ca. 1890

Item 116367 - Bark Alice, ca. 1890
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Item 116367
Bark Alice, ca. 1890
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American artist George M. Hathaway (1852-1903) painted the bark "Alice," a private vessel mastered by Captain William G. Kair (1850-1934). The three masted ship flies three flags at top, from left to right, with a "W," "Alice," and an American flag. Capt. Kair sailed the vessel from 1886 to 1894. It was part of a large fleet owned by apt. Jacob S. Winslow of Portland.

Capt. Kair, a Danish immigrant, lived with his family in Portland when not at sea. He named one of his daughter's Alice after the beloved vessel. Kair commissioned Hathaway to paint the ship.

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