Item 104258 - Electri Kitchen recipes - Ham Delight, 1954

Item 104258 - Electri Kitchen recipes - Ham Delight, 1954
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Item 104258
Electri Kitchen recipes - Ham Delight, 1954
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In 1954, the Central Maine Power Company (CMP) broadcast recipes and cooking instruction on WPMT-TV and WLAM-TV on Wednesday afternoons at 2:30 pm. The broadcast was part of the larger CMP Home Service Department's effort to provide inspiration for women within the electric kitchen. The recipes focused on ingredients prepared on electric ranges, in electric ovens, and stored in electric freezers, as well as using other small appliances. The recipe flyers such as this included full meal options with multiple courses.

"Ham Delight" featured a daisy ham. Daisy ham is a shoulder cut of bone-in smoked pork. Coined in the 1930's, the term Daisy ham was not a brand, but rather the name for the cut and presentation. The other recipes include basic ingredients, but provide instruction on how to prepare in an electric oven. The temperature setting for an oven was a relatively new concept, even though electric appliances existed as early as the 1920's. Many traditional recipes passed down through generations needed adjustment when preparing in the "electric kitchen."

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