Item 9925 - Mousam River, Sanford, ca 1910

Item 9925 - Mousam River, Sanford, ca 1910
Contributed by Sanford-Springvale Historical Society
Item 9925
Mousam River, Sanford, ca 1910
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The Mousam River from Winter Street before the bridge was built. This photograph was taken by Charles Spinney about 1910 from his father's home at the end of Winter Street. The large square building in the center was a storehouse belonging to the Goodall Worsted Company. It appears to be near the river but actually was on the East side of River Street. The long low building on the river's edge was also a milll storehouse. The silk hat-shaped structure above the roof of the large storehouse was the upper portion of the water storage tank on the main factory building of the Goodall Worsted Company.

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