Item 98633 - Otis Mill, Jay, 1907

Item 98633 - Otis Mill, Jay, 1907
Contributed by Maine's Paper & Heritage Museum
Item 98633
Otis Mill, Jay, 1907
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Hugh J. Chisholm built a small mill on what is now the site of the present Otis Mill in Jay along the Androscoggin River. Originally a tiny one machine mill, it became incorporated under the name of the Otis Falls Pulp & Paper Company in 1888 with Chisholm as its president. This mill developed rapidly when in 1894 a third figure came upon the scene in the person of Edwin Riley. In 1897 the first step was taken in consolidating the small mills in the area including the Falmouth Mill of Jay, Umbagog of Livermore, and the Pulp Mill at Riley.

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