Item 9810 - Ouellette house, Van Buren, 1850s

Item 9810 - Ouellette house, Van Buren, 1850s
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Item 9810
Ouellette house, Van Buren, 1850s
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This farm house was built in 1859 by Regis Levasseur an original grantee of a farm in Cyr Plantation.

The house is constructed of hand hewed logs covered by clap board on the outside and hand grooved matched boards on the inside. This construction indicates that sawmills were running in the Valley and farmers are having their logs sawed into boards.

One of the interesting features of this house is the open hearth between the kitchen and the living room to allow heat to circulate from the kitchen stove. There are also partitioned rooms downstairs and loft sleeping upstairs. Three different families occupied this house. A total of 30 children lived inside these four walls from time to time until 1970.

This building is now located in Acadian Village, Van Buren.

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