Item 9756 - Leavitt Block, Sanford Square

Item 9756 - Leavitt Block, Sanford Square
Contributed by Sanford-Springvale Historical Society
Item 9756
Leavitt Block, Sanford Square
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Leavitt Block at the corner of Washington and School Streets, built 1901. Among the advertisements visible in the Leavitt building are "Leavitt's Hall Dance Every Saturday Night," "Frank C. Leavitt Coal," "George P. Chase Insurance," and "Davis Sewing Machines." At the front corner of the block is George G. Brown & Co. Druggists. Just to the left of the Leavitt block is Trafton Brothers. On the right of the photo a man can be seen standing near two theatrical posters advertising Why Girls Go Wrong and The Pauline Hammond Company. This is a print from a 6" x 8" glass negative.

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