Item 80925 - Vinton Farm, Monson, ca. 1900

Item 80925 - Vinton Farm, Monson, ca. 1900
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Item 80925
Vinton Farm, Monson, ca. 1900
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Hiram Vinton traveled from Monson Massachusetts to Monson Maine in 1825, becoming one of the first families to settle the town. He built this set of buildings where he farmed and by 1850 owned 116 acres of farmland and 100 acres of woodland. Vinton's properties and his livestock were valued at $830.00.

Vinton became an active member of the town affairs and is listed in the 1847 stockholders incorporation papers as an original stock holder of Monson Academy. After Hiram's death his son Almond lived and worked on the farm. After the death of Almond the farm was sold numerous times and was destroyed by fire in 1995.

The woman in this photograph is Melissa Steward, she worked for the Vinton family until Almond Vinton's death.

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