Item 78845 - Oscar Suomi, Monson, ca. 1930

Item 78845 - Oscar Suomi, Monson, ca. 1930
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Item 78845
Oscar Suomi,  Monson, ca. 1930
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Oscar Suomi immigrated from Finland to Monson where he was employed at the slate companies until his death in 1958. As shown in the photograph taken at the Monson-Maine Company Quarry, Mr. Suomi had no fear of heights as he is seen balancing on the guidewire of the pit boom about 75 to 100 feet above ground. Maintenance on the wires had to be done on occasion and it took a special person to undertake the task. According to an article published in the April 27, 1972 edition of The Spectator, his son Into stated that Oscar had self taught himself to repair watches, tanned hides to make shoes for his family and was remembered as someone who could "make a gray day shine."

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