Item 7635 - S.S. Portland, ca. 1895

Item 7635 - S.S. Portland, ca. 1895
Contributed by Maine Historical Society
Item 7635
S.S. Portland, ca. 1895
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The passenger coastal steamer Portland under way with all flags flying. She weighed in at a hefty 2,253 gross tons.

This photograph is part of the Portland Company collection at Maine Historical Society. The collection includes engineering plans of locomotives, fire engines, marine engines, and other items manufactured by the company, photos, specification books, account books, printing plates and memorabilia. The Portland Company manufactured the S.S. Portland's engine. The ship itself was built at Bath Iron Works.

The S.S. Portland sank off the coast of Massachusetts in 1898, with a significant loss of life. The disaster was one of the most deviating New England shipwreck's in the 19th century.

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