Item 7509 - Porcelain Dish

Item 7509 - Porcelain Dish
Contributed by Norridgewock Historical Society
Item 7509
Porcelain Dish
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Small white leaf-shaped dish with handle and gold timr along the edges. This dish was made in England. I shows a picture of the Eaton School, built in 1866. The Eaton School changed its name to Norridgewock High School twenty years later. The population of the school outgrew the building. The Grange found they had overbuilt their hall on Main Street so the two organizations exchanged buildings in 1916. The picture designating this as Norridgewock High School would have been taken during that thirty year period of 1886 to 1916 when fences along the road were popular. The flag pole is erected from the inverted "V" above the door and shows the two chimneys. Trees and houses on each side show dimly.

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