Item 71722 - Hotel Samoset, Rockland, ca. 1938

Item 71722 - Hotel Samoset, Rockland, ca. 1938
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Item 71722
Hotel Samoset, Rockland, ca. 1938
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The Samoset Hotel in Rockport was built in 1890 as a Queen Anne style building overlooking Penobscot Bay. Commissioned by a group of local businessmen, the hotel, then known as the Bay Point Hotel, was built by William H. Glover.

When the Ricker family of Poland Springs acquired the popular resort in 1902, it became part of their resort hotel chain and was renamed the SamOset. Under ownership of the Rickers, the SamOset was renovated, including an addition that nearly doubled its accommodation capacity, and boasted a wide variety of recreational facilities and activities.

As shown in this postcard, some of the leisure opportunities for guests included a nine-hole golf course, three tennis courts, and a fleet of boats including rowboats, sailboats, and a forty-foot launch.

The Samoset again changed hands in the 1920s when it was purchased by the Maine Central Railroad for use as a spot for summer tourists. The original hotel closed in 1969, burned down in 1972, and was rebuilt in 1974.

The caption reads, "Hotel Samoset, Rockland, Maine."

The Tichnor Brothers printing company published this type of postcard circa 1938.

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