Item 6201 - Whittier's corner, Eliot, 1890

Item 6201 - Whittier's corner, Eliot, 1890
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Item 6201
Whittier's corner, Eliot, 1890
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This fireplace is in the Sarah Farmer Inn, formerly Green Acre Inn and before that, the Eliot Hotel. The corner by this fireplace was referred to as "Whittier's corner." John Greenleaf Whittier, one of the most popular American poets of the time, was reportedly to have said about the Inn and surrounding property, "We have heard of 'God's Acres,' but I call this Green Acre." He was a frequent visitor to the Inn in the early 1890s. Whittier penned this poem to Sarah Jane Farmer on her birthday, July 22, 1890:

What shall we bring to her,
What shall we sing to her,
Of our love a token?
What of her worth say
Written or spoken?

Perchance while these latter days
Light up Piscataqua's
sunsets of glory
Some bard of Green-Acre
More worthy may make her
The theme of his story.

God's angel we rank her!
If vainly we thank her
For all she has given,
The years of right living,
Of blessing and giving,
Are counted in Heaven.

Of rough life the smoother,
Of sorrow the soother,
Of trouble the calmer,
For blinded eyes seeing
God bless her for being
Just Sarah J. Farmer!

From The Rich Legacy, p. 568.

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