Item 58489 - First graders, Lubec, ca. 1925

Item 58489 - First graders, Lubec, ca. 1925
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 58489
First graders, Lubec, ca. 1925
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The first-grade class in Lubec posed for this photograph in about 1925.

Names are written on the rear of the mat and are quoted here exactly though the listings do not clearly match the photo.

First row, Ralph Miller, Hartley Stanley, Charles Farmer, Roger Murray, Robert Murray, Jessie Bagley, Lydy Stanley, Bernadine Denbow.

Second Row, Sherman Cook, Arlene E. Small, Barbara Russell, Douglas Copp, Archer child, Margaret Mahar, Alice Huckins, Ethel Warren, Stella Young’s niece.

Third row, 1 "don’t know" in same hand as other names with Mable Hinds written in another hand, ?, Marvin Mathews, Victor Cheney, Lee ?, John Newman, Margaret Davis.

Fourth Row, Helen Cleaves, Charleen Ramsdell, Dorothy Blanch, Chandler DeLozel?, Winnie, ?, Emily Davis, ? Heffon, Christine Leighton, Two Lassle kids, May Guptil.

Written on the back in different color ink is "Arlene E. Small Grade I," on the front in pencil, "Arlene Small" suggesting that this print is from her collection.

The heavy outer wear and lack of snow suggest late autumn. Dating of the photo is possible by the presence of first grader Dorothy Blanch (April 15, 1919 - September 30, 2008), daughter of John and Myrtle (Morong) Blanch. Graduating from Emerson College in Boston, Dorothy performed at the Bar Harbor Summer Theatre, the Off Broadway Theatre in New York City, and the Pasadena Theater before returning to Lubec and decades of local theatrical activity.

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