Item 5343 - Lot #1 in Harpswell, 1743

Item 5343 - Lot #1 in Harpswell, 1743
Contributed by Maine Historical Society
Item 5343
Lot #1 in Harpswell, 1743
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This manuscript map (Map #63) was commissioned by the Pejepscot Proprietors and shows the boundary lines between properties around lot #1 in Harpswell, Maine. Scale [1:7920] 40 poles = 1 inch.

The surveyors of the time used different measuring devices to mark the scale of their surveys. A piece of wood, called a rod, perch or pole was most often used. These pieces of wood equal 198 inches. A 'perch' refers to the tree limb upon which a bird 'perches'. Chains were also used, and could measure distance through more varied terrain as it could bend and turn, unlike a rod, perch or pole.

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