Item 41818 - Gould House, Biddeford, 1953

Item 41818 - Gould House, Biddeford, 1953
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Item 41818
Gould House, Biddeford, 1953
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Built in 1829 at 136 Alfred Street, this house was the second brick house built in Biddeford. It was built by Charles F. Gould, farmer, when the location was considered remote from the center of town. Alfred Street had just been cut through, and Birch Street was not even planned. The section was long known as "Gould's Hill." This house was occupied by Charles F. Gould from 1829 to his death in 1861. His son, Charles O. Gould, also was born in this house and lived in it until his death in 1917. Members of the Gould family (both male and female) were prominent in local business and educational affairs.

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