Item 36146 - Newspaper, Lubec, 1886

Item 36146 - Newspaper, Lubec, 1886
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Item 36146
Newspaper, Lubec, 1886
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This Volume 1 #5 issue of the Lubec Weekly Herald is the earliest known extant copy of the newspaper, published weekly until its demise in 1956. W. J. Vance Hainer was the editor and proprietor.

The front page features Part II of serialized fiction. Other pages include humor, quotations from large newspapers, poems, and regional news and news about fires.

A fire had ravaged much of Eastport including about 50 business buildings and ten wharves on October 14, and "work of rebuilding is proceeding very slowly, a few of the Merchants are putting up temporary buildings for the winter..."

More recently "fire destroyed much of Farmington including 33 residences and about 40 offices, shops and public buildings." The newspaper commented that "The Farmington and Eastport fires should remind the citizens of Lubec that their fire apparatus is incompetent to extinguish a heavy fire, if once caught in the upper factories, with a favorable wind to aid it."

Major advertisers include P. Gillise & Son, "Dealers in Provisions & Groceries Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes, Crockery, Hardware, &C.;" A.W. Kelley Drugs & Medicines; M.M. Foster "Dress And Fancy Goods;" M.F. Ring "Dealer in Stoves and Tinware Kitchen Goods &c.;" H.S. Delamere, M.D., office in room 11 of the Cobscook Hotel; and E.H. Bennet, M.D., office over the drugstore.

A local news item states that "Dr. Bennet left for New York on Monday, to take a course of study at the Post Graduate Medical College, where he expects to remain about two months. He leaves Dr. Reynolds to attend to his practice." Bennet (1848-1944) commenced practice in Lubec shortly after his graduation from medical school in 1876.

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