Item 33840 - Parade, Lubec, ca. 1950

Item 33840 - Parade, Lubec, ca. 1950
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 33840
Parade, Lubec, ca. 1950
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Most likely an Independence Day parade in Lubec, around 1950. The sign on the truck “PeaCanCo” stands for Peacock Canning Company. Farthest right is Roland Cheney’s Barber Shop, with the Thayer House next to it. The building with the clock on the wall was at one time Unobskys clothing store and later became the Gus Conley grocery store. His daughter Katherine Conley held ownership of the building for quite a few years. Located across from Peacock office building, it still stands as of 2010. The other structures visible in the photograph are gone.

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