Item 31808 - Churches, Lubec, ca. 1908

Item 31808 - Churches, Lubec, ca. 1908
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 31808
Churches, Lubec, ca. 1908
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The Church of Christ or Disciples of Christ Church, later the Christian Temple, left, was buiilt in 1892 (and remains in use as of 2010). According to the correspondent writing on the reverse of this postcard (dated November 2 1910) a new annex on the rear brings the structure’s footprint to 40 x 87 feet. The Catholic Church to the right was built in 1898. Louvers have not yet been added over the bell. Deemed too small in 1924, fundraising was initiated but slowed by the Depression. Eventually the new Sacred Heart Church was erected on Church Street, celebrating First Mass on November 7, 1937. The steeple of the building shown here was taken down, and later the entire structure was razed. The George McCurdy house appears to the right of this photograph. The young maple tree just right of center is on Christian Temple property, and shows tall and mature in later photographs.

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