Item 30931 - Golden Ball tavern, L:ubec, ca. 1900

Item 30931 - Golden Ball tavern, L:ubec, ca. 1900
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 30931
Golden Ball tavern, L:ubec, ca. 1900
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View of the Golden Ball tavern at School and Pleasant Streets, considered to be one of the earliest business structures in Lubec village. Built by Nehemiah Small, it is said to have had 12 fireplaces, and a well-known tap room in the basement.

An old legend related in an undated, unidentified newspaper clipping may or may not explain the name. “Once every year descended a great Golden Ball, ‘To him who touches the Golden Ball,’ said the priests, ‘will come great blessings.’ Year after year the mightiest men and women tried in vain to touch the ball, which floated just beyond their fingertips. Then one year, the day before the ball was to appear, a wizened old man said, “We cannot touch the Golden Ball because our selfishness drives it ever away. Behold this little child. Her heart is pure and sweet and has no worldly thoughts to drive the ball away. Let us lift her up so that she at least may be blessed.’ The townspeaople formed a human pyramid, raising the little girl who, with one tiny finger, touched the Golden Ball. A wonderful thing then happened. Blessings came not only to the child, but to all the people who helped lift her up.”

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