Item 30896 - School children, Lubec, ca. 1934

Item 30896 - School children, Lubec, ca. 1934
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Item 30896
School children, Lubec, ca. 1934
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Children at the elementary school near the north end of South Lubec Road, known as the "Hornet's Nest." It is said to have been the only Lubec school building with its roof peak running parallel to its road.

The dating of the image is determined from the appearance of student Raymond Burns, known to have been born around 1922.

From back of photo, left to right, front row: Emory Hallett, James Benner, Warren Guptill, Melbourne Winchester, Paula Rier, Francis Rier, Myron Keegan, Raymond Burns. Second row, Pete Benner, Clara Sturles, Muriel Guptill, Edna Hallett, Kathleen Benner, Mary Morrison. Rear row, Ivan Morrison, Wilfred Morrison, Herby Smith, Audrey Myers, Hazel Parker, Thelma Hallet, Beulah Winchester.

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