Item 29348 - Danish Village, Scarborough, ca. 1930

Item 29348 - Danish Village, Scarborough, ca. 1930
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Item 29348
Danish Village, Scarborough, ca. 1930
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The Den Danske Landsby or Danish Village was the forerunner of motels in America. This building was set back amongst the trees on Route 1 for travelers during the 1930s.

The Danish Village motel was designed after the Denmark village of Ribe. The village was quite successful during the 1930s, appealing to the well-to-do motoring public. Gasoline and rubber shortages during World War Two led to less traveling and its eventual demise.

The United States government leased the buildings during the World War II so the shipyard workers could live there.

Portland hotel man Henry P. Rines and Boston architect Peter Holdensen were responsible for building the village.

In 1927 Rines had spent $2 million on the construction of the Eastland Hotel in Portland that adjoined the Congress Street Hotel built by his father.

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