Item 28490 - Patten Free Library Interior, ca.1891

Item 28490 - Patten Free Library Interior, ca.1891
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Item 28490
Patten Free Library Interior, ca.1891
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This Patten Free Library room, circa 1891, is well described by a "Bath Daily Times" article of June, 1890 cited by Denise Larson in her look at the Patten Free Library in the publication "The Times of Bath, Me," a publication of Bath Historical Society. The newspaper was describing various interiors as a select group toured the nearly finished new library. "Passing through the light railing which crossed the base of the broad arch leading to the library one stands in a high, light room, with rows of ash shelves for books on either hand a wide low window looking out upon the park. Between the two bronze radiators is a heavy table where the searcher may pursue his facts. A straw colored ceiling and chocolate tinted walls combine harmoniously with the solid finish of the room. The building is fitted throughout for gas or electricity and is heated by steam with registers in addition for the main room." As Larson noted in her article, the Patten Free Library had 4308 volumes and the catalog to these books was called the "Title Finding List," costing 25 cents.

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