Item 27081 - Roxy Parker, Islesboro, 1930

Item 27081 - Roxy Parker, Islesboro, 1930
Contributed by Islesboro Historical Society
Item 27081
Roxy Parker, Islesboro, 1930
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Roxy Parker was one of many islanders who "knitted" nets and other items as a means of income. She is using the back of a chair to hold the twine while she is "knitting." Twine was distributed to these knitters, who worked at home and turned in the finished products.

In 1888, P.D. Hatch began a family business that grew over the years to employ 100 people on the island. When the 1938 Federal Minimum Wage and Hour law passed, the Hatches could no longer afford to pay their knitters, and so the business folded.

Written on the back of the photograph " Old Aunt Roxy Parker Up Island 1930 An old lady making nets Living alone on the Isle."

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