Item 26961 - Water Street, Lubec, ca. 1934

Item 26961 - Water Street, Lubec, ca. 1934
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 26961
Water Street, Lubec, ca. 1934
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Despite the name "Main Street" printed on this unused postcard, the view shows Water Street looking north in Lubec.

Notes on the back indicate this building was built in 1889 by James McIsaac as a boarding house for sardine factory workers. Three floors were finished and plastered, about 18 rooms. A fruit store faced street level.

Later it was known as the Higgins Building.

Lubec native Bernard Ross writes that “the basement level under the veranda had large display windows on the Water Steet side. Inside was a soda fountain with ice cream. I remember Mr. Higgins would have two milk shake mixing containers and he would put some of the components in each container, then he would pour no. 1 into no. 2 while raising the container about shoulder high. He would then pour the mixture back into the no. 1 container while raising it up to shoulder level without spilling a drop. After a few pours he would put it in a container with a straw and pass it to the customer. He had elastic bands over his shirt up near the elbows to keep his sleeves up and wore a felt hat.”

At the far end of Water Street is the Lubec-Campobello Auto Ferry office. Moving forward on left, Mac’s Lunch, then Boot and Shoe Repairing.

The National Recovery Administration sign in the bank windows aids in dating this photograph.

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