Item 26584 - Fish packers, Lubec, ca. 1910

Item 26584 - Fish packers, Lubec, ca. 1910
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 26584
Fish packers, Lubec, ca. 1910
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Union Packing Co. plant in Lubec. Photo mounted on card. Written on backside, “Front row left to right. Union Employees George Sturks, John Neal McCurdy, Carl Sturks, Cleave Parker, Bob Bannon, don’t know-, Eddie Tinker, Wes Parker, Warren Sullivan, Ted Leighton, Clark Tyler, a Rice fellow, Row - 2, Julia Burns, Lena Sturks, Gertie Mathews, Lily Ryerson, don’t know, Elva Parker, don’t know, Winnie (I think) Reegan, Mrs. Logan, adie Tyler, Annie Sturks Eva/Ava Bean, Abbie Tyler, Mrs, Jenks, Mrs, Skein & Snowball
Back row: Sadie Young, man unknown, Annie Allen, Nell Copp, Teresa Keegan, Mary Parker, Lena (Hibbard) Cheney, Laura Ramsdell, Mary Keegan, Maggie Morrison, Will Porter packing room boss, Mrs. Preston, Alice Marston, Marietta Wilcox, don’t know, Pottle woman, George Pottle, Pottle woman, Mr. Jenks. On steps, Arthur Godfrey & Conrad Joy.”

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