Item 21517 - Louis B. Goodall, Sanford, 1910

Item 21517 - Louis B. Goodall, Sanford, 1910
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Item 21517
Louis B. Goodall, Sanford, 1910
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Louis Bertrand Goodall (1851-1935) worked for the family business -- the Sanford Mills -- as paymaster, then superintendent.

The Goodall and Garnsey blanket mills were organized in 1874 with Louis B. Goodall as treasurer and superintendent.

On October 1, 1881, he and his brothers, George B. and Ernest M., formed a partnership to manufacture car and furniture plushes. In 1884, the factories became Goodall Manufacturing Company, of which he was treasurer.

He also was involved with the Mousam River Railway Company and the Harrison and North-Eastern Railroad, a coal railroad in Tennessee. He was president of the Sanford National Bank, treasurer of the Sanford and Cape Porpoise Railway Company, the Atlantic Shore Line Railway Company, and treasurer of the Maine Alpaca Company. He was also a director in the Holyoke Plush Company, of Holyoke, Mass., and the Sanford Power Company.

He was elected as a Republican Congress, serving from March 4, 1917-March 3, 1921.

He was married to Rose V. Goodwin of Saco and had three children, Lela, Mildred and Thomas.

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