Item 17068 - People of East Fryeburg

Item 17068 - People of East Fryeburg
Contributed by Fryeburg Historical Society
Item 17068
People of East Fryeburg
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This is a photograph of some of the residents of East Fryeburg, ca. 1890. In no particular order, the people in the photograph are Murills S. Charles, Mary C. Howard, Henry F. Howard, Lizzie S. Swett, S. Thompson, Mrs, C.E. Sanford, Edway G. Fenton, Laura H. Smith, Laura H. Smith II, Helen P. Cleaves, William H. Morris, William P. Buswell, Effie Mary Swett, G. Thomas Aldridge, Carrie H. Fenton, Emma A. Potter, Essie Geneva Swett, Frederica E. Bishop, Bertha C. Sanford, and Bessie H. Smith.

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