Item 16227 - Sanford Square, Sanford, ca. 1900

Item 16227 - Sanford Square, Sanford, ca. 1900
Contributed by Sanford-Springvale Historical Society
Item 16227
Sanford Square, Sanford, ca. 1900
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This building on the square was built by Samuel B. Emery in 1846 and housed various stores over the years. At the time of this photograph Frank Broggi occupies the ground floor. Mr. Broggi, a native of Italy, came to Sanford in 1889 and moved into this store in 1892 after having been burned out of his original premises. He was well known in the area for carrying a wide range of domestic and foreign fruit, cheese and groceries. Children loved the store for its penny candies and ice cream sodas.

Mr. Broggi's grandson, Carl, a prominent local businessman, was a leader in the campaign to attract new industry to Sanford after the Goodall-Sanford left town in 1954. He became the first commissioner of Maine's Department of Development of Industry and Commerce. The Sanford Trust Company purchased the property from the Emery family in 1916 and erected its new headquarters.

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